is a window of opportunity that provides employment and allocates funds to serve those who serve. We strive to serve our veterans in their everyday living and family issues. We also provide discounts to veterans and active members of the military and their family of supporters., and are veteran-owned service websites commandeered by GOD. Veterans Marketing Association (VMA) leads the pack in gaining public awareness and funding mechanisms which provide fifty percent (50%) of all proceeds back into the veteran communities in the USA. This is the place you should visit, daily, to obtain the latest news, events, services and most extreme discounts available on the internet. Information from around the globe is collected and presented in a way that caters to your interests and beliefs. More than an easy and understandable site, we don't overwhelm you with ads, popups or hidden marketing schemes and spyware. The value is in who leads you and works for you and your organization. Our commander in chief is the LORD and we are all focused on “Serving those who Serve!” Our mission is not simple. We provide truth and integrity in our services. We recognize, respect and honor those who serve others. Proceeds collected from this website go to purchase homes, vehicles, clothing, food and health benefits. Our focus leans toward the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of all who come to our site. Keep in mind that many of our veterans are not receiving any help from the government. They are on their own to pay for daily needs. Help us out by coming to our site as often as you can. Thank You was created with the purpose of connecting businesses with the Veteran’s who have faithfully served this Country. This site partners with businesses that provide a wide variety of discounts to Veterans, free of charge. This is our way of giving back to those who have given so much of themselves!


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